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Default I finally have a petsmart story!

Killing some time before a movie started, DH and I went next door to the Petsmart to look around, see what they had on sale, etc.

As we were leaving met up with a man and a beautiful bi color male. He was SO sweet and just snuggled right up next to me. All seems well, until....

Me: "yeah, I have a solid black female, she's almost 13 years old! She's my baby"

Guy: "Oh, can she have puppies?"

Husband: "Not at 13!" Me: "She's spayed and 13" (we spoke at the same time)

Another woman overhearing. Not even next to us though... "She said she was 13"

Guy: "oh, I didn't hear her say she was 13, to bad"

I thanked him for letting me pet his dog and we left....

I don't believe for a second he didn't hear me say 13, it wasn't noisy and he heard everything else I said....


I now have a petsmart story though, lol
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