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Default Stinky Butt..Fishy smell when scared

Jasper is almost 5 months old and I take him out frequently for all different experiences. I have noticed this odor twice. The first time was when we went to the park and he was leashed for the first time and hated it. It is a strong offensive musky, fishy odor. I actually thought he just got into something in the grass and gave him a bath when we got home. Today, he followed me out into the pasture and after playing with the horses by running circles around them,our gelding Gandolph trotted after him playfully and scared Jasper into a full run to get to the other side of the fence. Again, the smell! It is definitely a smell brought on by fear. Gandolph wouldn't go back to the pasture until they touched noses through the fence, I think he felt bad for scaring him but after a whiff of him he even snorted a few times to get the smell out of his nose....its bad!
Is is anal glands? Is there anything I can do to eliminate the odor?
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