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Default Puppy biting..can't find a solution

Hello everyone. I'm new to the forums and looking for help. I have a 14 week old Shepinois (Shepherd/ Belgian Malinois). She does a pretty good job around the house not chewing on furniture, etc. However, she bites me hands constantly, whether it be when I'm playing with her or simply just petting her. I've tried to implement the "yelp" method and then walk away for a few seconds and then come back to her. The problem is, after I yelp and turn to walk away, it excites her and causes more of a problem. While I'm walking away or turn my attention away from her she chases after me and begins biting at my ankles and calves if I'm wearing jeans or sweatpants or will bite at my thighs or ankles if I'm on the ground playing with her. The biting is getting quite painful and is leaving my hands and calves all cut up... Are there any other forms of positive reinforcement that will deter the painful biting that I'm experiencing? Any help is much appreciated!
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