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Default An article that touched me.

I have been looking in different places for info on what type of training/behaving method to use , I had dogs since I was a todddler then we had a period of 15 years without before I got a mix of lab/gsd into our home again and after that we had different breeds in the last 25 years(time runs... )
The breeds I had was Saluki,after being introdused by friends and I had 22 great years with 4 males , but its as far away from GSD mentality as possible then I got a Lassie by coinsidence and he was with us for 2 years and he was the kindest thing for our children , and after soe months without dogs we came across Vilja and we had her now for a month and I always like GSD (we had one when i was a child) but I need to "relearn" the breed I feel .
And of course I fell into the training method trap/war aka " Cesar vs Victoria " impressed of Millans results but all the hate is making me stop a little, making me go more into the articles and discussions, and I do confess I am confused. There are benefits of both methods but very few embrase both , for me its like 100% for or 100% against it seems. THIS CAN'T BE HEALTHY in my opinion. This is opinions war and it not the dogs best intrests.

Then I came across a blog that made me deside , it described how the results of this is developing in real life and I decided to be on both sides , not just one. Dont want to offend anyone but share what I feel is important

I am just linking as its not my blog , its from

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