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Default Adopting from outside US

Hi Guys,

I know this my sound a bit strange but i have been living and working in Manila, Philippines for sometime now and have not come across any GSD adoption facility. Its a completely different world and its all about show quality GSDs with half frog style dogs, i feel so horrible looking at them.

Anyways my full black GSD recently passed away and i was thinking to adopt. Since i have not come across any one locally, i was wondering if its possible to adopt a dog from US? I dont mind paying around $300 or $500 for shipment.

Any idea on the cost? Does anyone know of any shelter who has shipped a dog outside US?

A good GSD (straight back) locally from a reputed breeder is for around $450 but i feel sorry for the dogs who end up in shelters and leave us just because no one was there to take them home.

Any suggestions or help would be highly appreciated.

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