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I can talk about dogs all day and all night. I don't have brats, so I can mostly just listen to those conversations. Two of my brothers are computer geeks -- they make a living off of it, but that doesn't prevent them from talking about it whenever, wherever, and forever.

I have learned to sit in my corner and type on my dog forum, however rude that might be, while keeping one half an ear on the kid-conversations, and one half and eye on the kids. But, I have also learned that the tolerance for non-believers to appear interested in the conversation in the name of of hospitality, when it comes to dogs is almost nil.

And an appropriate present is always pictures of kids. But I don't think that would be true if I were to present a photo of my group to them.

Ah well. In my opinion, being a dog fanatic can't possibly be as boring to outsiders as computer geeks. And at least the kids love me.

I do not bring my dogs to the insanity. Just too many people all over the place, and my folks used to have a siezure dog, so they didn't want me bringing the girls over to get him riled up. Now that he is gone, dad does most of the cleaning, and Mom's eye's been infected for a couple of years now, and she is waiting for yet another surgery, until that is taken care of, I want to keep my critters out of here.
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