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Originally Posted by Merciel View Post
I think I am the pesky relative.

I've gotten better at keeping my mouth shut, though. A little. A very little.
Oh, I just see you as being a great advocate for animals, and along with that comes speaking up, if an animal is truly being neglected and/or abused.

However, sometimes tough love has to be used for the safety of a particular animal or the humans with which it interacts. For example, my Mom kept frowning whenever I'd correct Hans (in the early days) for jumping on people. This did not involve anything but a flat collar, telling him "off" and tugging his leash back towards planet earth, with tons of praise and petting for sitting nicely.

So I explained that while a few adults might be able to take an 80 lb hit from a GSD, what if he knocked a small child to the pavement, causing them to hit their head? She conceded that might be true.

But I feel like I'm swimming against the tide, so to speak...

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