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Oh, yes.

My Mother is just about the best person I know but...

When I first adopted my adult GSD, he had to have a prong collar to help with several training issues. I thought she was going to start crying the minute she saw it, lol. She thinks they are barbaric, even though I explained that fitted properly and utilized properly, they can be a great training tool, especially for a big, rough, unmannered, under socialized dog who was just as likely to blow off a known command as listen to it (at least in the beginning. )

She also thinks animals should be free to run around and does not approve of the fact that our Cowdog is in a kennel when we are at work. So, I asked her if it would be best to come home and find that the Cowdog went to the neighbors, ran their bull through the fence, letting all of their cows on the road to be hit by a car, causing injury to both animals and humans??

Her answer? "Well, I just hate to see her pacing like that."
My reply ? "At least she has a kennel plenty big enough to pace and burn off a little energy and a well trained human who will come home, play tug or ball, and let her work OUR cows in a controlled environment."

Might as well be talking to the wall, lol.

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