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Default Pesky Relatives

My relatives came in for the holidays and the Relatives vs. My Training battle started. For the majority my relatives follow my wishes, an uncle who is a yank and crank trainer wasn't here this time (thankfully) so I didn't have to hear about all the things I'm doing wrong. This did however leave room for my aunt to come (they don't come at the same time) and she is one of those bleeding heart animal lovers who think they should eat whatever they want, do whatever they want and behave however they want so long as it makes the animal happy.

Any time this woman comes the second she steps in the door the problems start, and she can't be asked to not come due to her needing a full time caregiver which means my grandmother couldn't come for the holidays. Poor Vader has to spend a large quantity of the time she's around in his crate so that she doesn't enforce his jumping, swallowing things that aren't food and her feeding him table food to "fatten him up", apparently I starve him. Him being in the crate has also left me with numerous comments about how I had "better let him out right now".

Anyone else have fun with the relatives and their dogs?
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