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Default I think Hondo forewarned a seizure

I had a bunch of family over Christmas Eve night. It is normal for me to allow Hondo out with family when we are sitting outside. He'll greet folks then come lay down by me. He isn't a social bug, but he's not rude.

My nephew brought his girlfriend (of 3 years) over. Hondo wouldn't leave her alone. I know that they have a large pack of dogs, so I figured that he was smelling her dogs on her. Twice, I had to tell him "That's rude!" which means to leave the person alone and go lay down. On the third time, I put him in the back yard. Whereas she didn't care, I just think it's rude to have a 95lb hairy monster all up in your business.

Once he was in the back yard he kept pacing and whining. Not a normal behavior for him. When he started running the fence line and vocalizing like a spoiled puppy - ignoring my "Enough!" (which he NEVER does) I decided to kennel him in my bedroom. Honestly, if he hadn't focused on the girlfriend, I would have been concerned with his health. But he was focused on her. I thought perhaps they had a bitch in heat and he could smell it on her.

About 10 minutes after I kenneled Hondo, I was sitting outside and I could hear him barking from his kennel. That is a major infraction at my house. Kennel means quiet. I got up to correct him and my sister told me that her son and his girlfriend were in the house. She was having a seizure. I knew she had them (she's medicated for it) but I had never witnessed one before. My daughter had gone in to see if she could get Hondo to quiet and to help in any way she could.

After awhile his girlfriend was fine and we opened Christmas presents. I really didn't put all of the pieces together until the next day. I'm curious if Hondo could sense that she was going to have a seizure. I wonder if that is why his behavior was over the top disobedient. They've all been to my house many times and he's never been disobedient. He truly is solid as a rock.

I suppose the moral of this story is to trust my dog. My nephew's girlfriend doesn't have seizures often, and it was decided that she was tired and hadn't eaten before she took her meds. She said she knew better and she was embarrassed by the whole thing, so I didn't ask her any questions. I will later, now that I'm curious.
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