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Originally Posted by MaggieRoseLee View Post
At 6 months old your pup will be going thru a lot of changes, so hold on.

She's not housebroken at all, so that's part of the problem. By 6 months she should be able to hold it for at least 8 hours. So she's not being 'bad' she just not trained yet. Pretend she's still 8 weeks old, and go back to reading the housebreaking methods. You need to really clean the area she keeps using cause clearly she thinks that IS the place to go.

Keep her in the room you are in using baby gates and closed doors. You can limit her access to the spot she keeps using. Crate her when you are not home.

Most importantly each and every time you take her outside you need to have an appropriate puppy party so it confirms that THIS is what you want, whereas when she squats on her spot in the house (not when you find a pile, that's BAD YOU and only you get punished by cleaning it up) you 'uh uh' and take her outdoors immediately.

Socialization is easier in classes, and at 6 months old you can start looking at regular classes not just puppy ones if that opens up more choices. There are tons of ideas here:

Why bother to 'socialize' and I want photos/videos of puppies/dogs.....

GSD Puppy Primer Tips

Plus there is a lot you can be doing on your own, great hints/tips and ideas to interact with your pup on ---> Top Training Expectations for Puppies

There are no classes at all. None. They are all booked. So thats out of the question, last time I checked it was 1 year waiting time.

She is fully crate trained tho and the longest shes been in there without going outside is almost 14 hours (I slept for that long and she didnt wake me up).

But I'll try the gate thing, keep her in the same room at all times so she cant sneak away.
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