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I do get what you are saying. I got my first GSD when I was about 22 years old. It was hard, it made renting hard, it made travel hard. She also became quite dog aggressive and at the time (long ago) I did not know that I could work on this with a trainer... it was pre-internet (oh god I'm old!). Anyway, I have never looked back and have always had a dog and usually multiple dogs in the house since that time nearly 30 years!
My advice is to train, train, socialize. A 6 month old will rule your world for a time. But if you invest now and you have a trustworthy dog in 8 months or so, you will be able to travel and get back some of your old life again. Just make the commitment to train, socialize and create a structured world for her now. Make sure you are crate training. That ends up being so convenient if you travel or take her somewhere new.

Good luck, it is worth it. My first dog was a GSD and now, like I said..24 years later I have a Dutchie and am at least with you in spirit... he is 7 months and rules my world but I know it is worth the investment.
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