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I know how you feel and would not feel bad about your feelings, although regret would be a strong word for me to use, yes sometimes it can be a pain owning a dog. Like you I would never get rid of my boy and I fortunately have a place to board mine that I trust.

I do understand the frustration though of always having to worry about getting home to the dog, finding a trustworthy boarding facility, the cost of boarding, etc. All the things that go along with owning a dog. I ,however, would not change it for the world and the pros of having a dog outweigh the cons for me.

My advice would be to keep searcing for a place you can board your dog that you can trust. I know it's hard and trust me I toured many kennels before I found one that I liked. Good ones are out there. Maybe someone in your area on here can recommend one.

Hang in there and good luck
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