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Default Some of my puppies behaviour


So my puppy is 6 months old right now and she has a few behaviour traits that I do not really enjoy.

1. She does not let us know when she has to go outside. We go outside with her often, but if we forget once she just goes on the same spot inside.
She can hold for good while (2-3h or so) so the misstake on us. However, is it normal that she does not even whine or gives us any sign?

This happends maybe once every 3 days. And as I said, its our fault that we didnt go outside with her..

2. She has started to become really "scared" of everything really.
She barks when new people gets close. She barks at other dogs. She barks at cars. Yeah everything pritty much, she didnt do this 1 month ago.

We hosted a christmas party and she was always around me / under our desk. Even tho she has met everyone that was at the party several times before.

3. She cant seem to relax when other dogs gets close. If we are out for a walk and a dog is close, she cant relax if you know what I mean.

4. She wont stop chasing our cats! She has done this since day 1.
We have tried everything. Throw a can on the floor, blow horn.
Corner her and like "claim" the cats as ours.

Everything we have read about. Nothing really works.


We can't enroll in a puppy class because all of the puppy classes are booked for a very long time in my town.

We know a few people with dogs that she meets and play with quiet often, tho they are small dogs.
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