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Default Need help fast, vomiting and diarhea

My pup is 2 1/2 years old and is very sick, she started to vomit back around Thanksgiving. We started by withholding food for 24hrs. and fed rice and beef, she seemed better for about 3-4 days and then started to vomit again after we started try to slowly add her kibbles to the rice and beef. We tried this method again because we thought she may have ate more grubs in the back yard. Again it worked for 3-4 days, then she started again and we could tell she was losing weight. We took her to the vet and found that she had lost 10 pounds. They started her on cerenia and antibiotics, and a med to coat her stomach as well as feeding her prescription ID canned food. This helped for about 4-5 days and she started to gain some weight back but then she started vomiting and her stool became loose. Took her back to the vets and she had gained 3 pounds back, the vet suspected a blockage so we had x-rays done and they showed nothing, the vet gave us various options but they are an older vet practice and do not have the equipment to perform alot of the test, so we took her to a more modern vet that is also an emergeny hospital and they do have all the equipment needed for testing, they started her on a steriod, reglan, and the slurry mix for coating her stomach, they ran more blood work, the first only showed elevated creotine levels, this test showed elevated white blood cell count, we also had a blood test done for EPI and it came back negative, we let her stay at the vet and they performed and endoscopy and found dark spot on the lining of the stomach and no blockages, they took biospies and we are currently waiting on the results, she has lost 3 more pounds and is currently 67lbs, she was 80lbs healthy, has anyone delt with this, she vomited yesterday so they gave her a cerenia shot and we are now giving her a variety of meds( predisone, metoclopramide, zantac, pepcid,metronidazole,sucralfate,cerenia, and reglan) she doesn't want to eat so i purade chicken, rice, pumpkin, and proboitics and force fed her this morning, Please help we don't want to lose are baby!!!!!!!
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