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Default Incontinence

Shadow has a problem with urinating while she sleeps at night. It is not a lot, just enough to wet the sheets a bit. At first I thought it was drool, the scent is not a strong odor. I have read that this could be the result of a spaying issue. I do plan to talk to the vet soon on it. I am wondering though, she LOVES to sleep with us... snuggling my leg like a full on body pillow, resting her head on my foot... lol Yes, it is quite the weird sleeping position... comfy!

Can I put a diaper (like the ones for in heat dogs) on her? I know I will have to wipe her with a diaper wipe when I pull it off in the morning... I think it would give me an idea how much she is actually wetting.

Anyone have suggestions on a diaper brand? I would prefer them to be washable, as I do not want to deal with reactions and such. Plus, I would think disposables would run a lot more!!


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