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Default Trying to vary diet...difficulty finding bones

Back Story.

Starting off by saying I'm stationed in Italy...and I haven't learned much Italian yet (we've been here about 2 months). I will be making a Google Translate list for a butcher, but I'm not quite sure how the butchers work here (there's at least three butchers in my area), I'm not sure they actually BUTCHER the meat there (they are really, really small store fronts)...and they looked at me very strangely when I tried to get chicken necks...

In the meantime, I've been buying most of of our meat on-sale at the commissary. Most of the meat is shipped boneless. I can get chicken breasts, drumsticks, wings and thighs on the bone, whole chickens and cornish hens, and pork ribs. I've gotten canned mackerel (in water, no salt) & canned salmon. I purchased ox tail ($6 a POUND, ugh), but she didn't eat the bone, but it was fun for her to get all of the meat off. I haven't found a source for necks (of any type), or rabbit yet.

The only edible bones she's getting are from chicken (or the mackerel 2x a week). I tried some pork ribs, but she didn't have much success with them, and basically whined the whole time, alternating between picking it up and trying to chew and spitting it out.

Since she's a growing puppy, I know it's especially important to make sure she's getting the right amounts of OM, MM and bones. I'm feeding her about 80-10-10, and a 1/4 cup of mixed veg/yogurt (we take a large can of pumpkin, and I mix a leafy green, 4 oz. of plain yogurt, and then various soft/smashed veggies). I know she doesn't need them -- but she seems to like them . She also gets an egg a couple times a week. We feed her about 2 pounds a day. One of the meals is bone-in chicken breast, or backs... the other one may be beef...she gets pork as her training treat...and I plan to start lamb, bison or rabbit (once I can find some).


In the meantime, I thought I'd add some bone meal powder -- just to make sure she's getting some (and since I can get a variety of meat or meaty bones from the butcher), just not much in the way of edible bone. This is hopefully not a long-term solution -- but more a short-term as we try to find the right words to get what we need from a butcher, which will be easier once I can buy in bulk.

Of course, reading about raw diets there are those who give many reasons for NOT doing this, and that it's a horrible thing, etc. And, I read those who have.

I need to put together a varied diet -- assuming I don't have easy access to chicken necks, turkey necks, or other very boney bits -- and that the only bones I have access to would be the rest of the chicken/cornish game hen.

Do I get some bone meal? If so, what are really good brands?

Or, do I just give the dog one chicken breast or a back and then add other MM/OM to bring it to the correct amounts?

Thank you.
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