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Default Separation anxiety - but only in public.

My 15mo male shows severe separation anxiety when anyone from the family/pack walks away from him in public, even when there's still someone with him. I don't try to 'calm him down' by patting him or stroking him or anything. I realise this would only further reinforce what he's doing. We're also aware that the person walking away should only return once he's calmed down. The problem is he never calms down He wails, pulls like a beast, does loops around me to get me to walk (this was the method I employed to get him to walk nicely on leash - when he pulls I stand still, and he realises that he's caused leash tension then returns to my right, walk continues). He pants and cries, and is clearly incredibly stressed. He shows zero interest in anything else and can not be distracted. The trainer at our club has seen it himself and has shared some techniques/games we could try while acknowledging that it is clearly breed related. We've had very slow progress, if any, with these methods and I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas?

Perhaps worth mentioning, he is totally fine being home alone. He goes into his crate and sleeps when we leave - the anxiety is only an issue when we're out and about.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, especially if you've dealt with something similar!
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