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Originally Posted by gsdsar View Post
A pup that age should not be acting the way he is acting. Your patents need to seek the help of an experienced trainer. Now. He is a liability.

If you can, take him for walks, start trying to bond with him, feed him, excersise and train him now.

This behavior is only going to get worse if not worked on immediately.

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Thank you for the response. We've seen a local trainer and he said the exact same thing - "...the concerning part is that he is too aggressive for his age."

Would family walks be just as beneficial? To be completely honest, I don't foresee me walking him by ourselves going swimmingly. My parent told me food is the motivator, so I'll keep up with that. He doesn't always take food from my hand. Is tossing it just as good?

Thank you for your help!
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