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Default New to German Shepherds

Hi all. I'm planning to add a Shepherd to our family in January and I've been going nuts with research. I'm not new to having a dog previously I had a Golden for 17 years and a Cocker for 12. The golden passed 3 years ago and the Cocker 8 months ago.

The family is ready for another dog but frankly I'd feel weird having another Golden....feels like replacing Sammy.

GSD's are beautiful and seem extremely smart but I have some questions if some of you have the time.

1- How are GSD's with kids? I understand that every dogs temperament is different and kids need to learn to respect any dog to keep from being bitten but would anyone highly suggest steering clear of a GSD?

2- I have been looking into Breeders and prices are running between $800-$3500. Are there any warning signs to look at when buying? Are the $800 dogs worth looking at? I'm talking to a breeder right now who seems to know his stuff and seems very upfront about the breed but I look at other breeder sites and they call this type a back yard breeder. The man has been way more helpful than I expected and I trust him.

3- Does anyone know of breeders in the NC area to stay away from?

Thanks a ton for any info that can be supplied. Have a great holiday season.

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