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Default elk antler demolished in one day, ugh, what next?

So I bought Angel and Emmett a 12 inch split elk antler for christmas. They demolished over half of it since they got it yesterday morning. I was at the store getting more fromm's for Angel today and mentioned it to the owner. She showed me some horns from mountain sheep and horns from a water buffalo. The sheep horns are sourced in the USA and the water buffalo horns are sourced from India. I'm ok with the sheep horns since they are sourced in the USA but they are really thin walled and I can't see them lasting more than a day with the way my two chew on stuff. The water buffalo horns are very thick walled like 3 times the thickness of the sheep horns. Should I be worried about them being from India? Any reasons I shouldn't give a horn to my dogs for chewing? The store is a local one that is known for their knowledge of high quality foods and they carry a lot of treats and foods that you can't find in big box pet stores.
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