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Default Will my dogs always get along?


I'm new to the forums and GSD's in general and I was hoping some of you could give me some advice regarding my 6.5 year old female and now 11 week old female GSD (we also have a 10lb. Yorkie mix). First off I will offer up some information on them so you can better understand my question. I recently purchased a 6.5 year old female from a very reputable breeder. She was a breeding female and has some schutzhund/bite work training. She is a very loving dog and does not seem to be aggressive in any way. The breeders/trainers said she is not dog aggressive and would be fine with other dogs. The 6.5 year old gets along with my Yorkie just fine and I'm hoping I will have the same result with my puppy as she becomes an adult. I have noticed that my older dog is fine with the puppy unless she tries to take her toy or bites her face too hard, then the older dog will show her teeth and even give the pup a warning bite (not hard enough to break skin). Will this be a problem when they get older? Also, I recently had a friends dog around the older dog and my dog pinned her down and nipped at her face. Again, my question is will my older dog and pup always get along or will I have issues? The last thing I would want would be to have to separate them as adults. I will also say that the pup mimics the older dog in all that she does.... They even poop

Thanks in advance.
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