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Default I need advice: neighbor/fence

Back Story:
I moved into a new place a few weeks ago. We've got a few acres and share a fence line with another dog family. These neighbors were best friends with the family we bought our house from. They were super friendly when we bought the house 6 months ago, but now we are involved in a court case with the previous owners (their friends) and we have not talked to or seen the neighbors since we moved in 2 weeks ago. I suspect they've heard bad talk about us from the previous home owner and are keeping their distance. Point being, there has been no communication between us in the past 3 months and I'm not totally sure why.

Current Situation:
The fence line we share with the neighbors is about 75 yards long, it's one border of my fenced-in back yard and the wire it's made of makes 5" square openings between the wires. The neighbors dogs are 2 males, 1 puppy and 1 aggressive female, all Labs. Their female sticks her head through the fence and bites at my dogs. I currently have my parent's 8 year old female lab here at my place and she's now been bit twice in 3 days. One tore her ear, and the second cut her snout. Both bites have come from the neighbors female, and both times I was in the yard with them and witnessed the bites.

(as an aside my GSD is not in danger of being bit, they act different towards him)

1. What kind of wire mesh would you suggest I lay over the existing open mesh to keep their dogs heads out of my yard? I plan to buy a small breed dog in the future (30#'s max at full size) and I fear the puppy being bit if it ever sticks it's snout into their yard.

2. Since there seems to already be tension between us and the neighbors, would you suggest I say anything to them, or just put up the additional fence material?

Thanks to all for any feedback
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