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Default My boy Odin. The 135 pound baby :)

I don't know why he's so big, mom and dad were both fairly large, so I guess it's genetics.

But here is when he was a pup.

And 5 years later.

And just to give everyone an idea of his size, here he is sitting with my better half.

He is my favorite Shepherd I've had so far, he's just a big gentle bear. I live next to a park and I'll take him with when I take my daughter and all the kids know him and love to cuddle and play with him, and it's easy to see that he enjoys every moment. Best part is even the parents of the kids enjoy watching them.

I really wanted to breed him, but found out he has a food allergy (grain), so that idea got 86'd.

Hope you enjoy and I'll post some more pictures later. Maybe even the ol' ladies Malinois.....maybe
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