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I'm right there with you. I'm ready to just ask animal control to go visit the people in order to help get the dog to the shelter. Here they allow anyone to relinquish any dog to the animal control officers as a public service, so it might make the whole situation easier.

I think breeders and rescuers both get this manipulation from people who think we can't say no. I get threatened at least twice a week that if I don't take some dog, it will go to the shelter.

I'm out at the shelter once a week, I know all the staff there, and I pull all my rescue's dogs from there -- it's simply not a threat to me. If it's an adoptable dog, I'll have better access to it at the shelter, can get it vaxxed, speutered, and HW tested -- and I will have time to find an appropriate foster home without the urgency of manufactured manipulation.

The latest scam we've been seeing here is people who put a dog on a chain, post it on CL with a horrible, sad picture saying the dog needs to go "right now"-- then when rescues offer to help, these clowns demand that rescues pay a few hundred dollars to be "allowed" to save the dog from the life on a chain. I'm 100% sure it's a scam designed to pull at the heart-strings of tender-hearted rescuers who would do anything to help a dog in need. I will not participate in supporting those creeps financially.

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