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Default Biting back (base of tail)

My poor Chai has had several problems since I adopted her a couple weeks ago. But last night I woke up to her going crazy biting and licking her back right above her tail. I thought she must have a horrible itch that her legs won't reach so I started scratching it for her. But when I pulled my hand away it had a small amount of blood on it. It was dark so almost looked like it was dried but her licking had made it wet again. I can't see a wound anywhere. But there was also debris in her fur there. It looks like dirt except there are small U-shaped things also. Nothing is moving and this is the only part of her body that has this problem.

Any ideas? Could it be some type of worm/mite? Anything I can try at home before dragging her to the vet again? (Poor thing is in pain from the other medical problems and has been to the vet too many times.)

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