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Default Rant -- people who say that their going to take the dog to the pound if...

Not sure if this is the most appropriate place for this post, so feel free to move it if there is a better place.

Today's rant is about those people who say that the dog has to be gone by a day, or they will take it to the pound; or who tell you that if you do not take it they will take it to the pound.

This so infuriated me when reading about the 7 year old with hip x-ray, protection trained, but is chasing foals, so has to go. With going after livestock and having PPT, yes the dog probably wouldn't make it out of a shelter because of the liability.

But that's not the thing. The thing is how manipulative people are. Dog lovers have a giant KICK ME sign on their back, or an aura of a sucker floating around their heads. It makes me want to make a general rule, if someone is going to make threats, the conversation, the deal, the possibility that I will do anything for them is over. Unfortunately, that means the dog too.

No one should feel compelled to take a dog, or the owner will take it to be euthanized, or the owner will shoot it, or the owner will dump it at the pound.

Breeders do this too. If the dog has a problem, call the breeder, and they tell you to put it down, and they will send you a replacement when it comes available. Well, darn! You weren't thinking the dog would be put down. now you have to think about whether or not you are going to do that. The puppy's problem isn't that critical.

And shelters sometimes do this too. They will tell you that if a dog comes back, the dog will be put down. Yes, maybe it makes you work harder to make it work out. But, sometimes the match just isn't right and by having such a rule, the shelter is making people keep a dog that isn't a good match or the dog will be put down.

People shouldn't be under that sort of pressure.

When Arwen was lost, I was called by some people in the nearby city who had found a puppy. It wasn't Arwen. I was going to leave. They asked if I would take the puppy. I didn't want the puppy. But they told me their landlord wouldn't allow them to have the puppy, if I didn't take it, they would drive it out and dump it. I asked why they did not take it to the shelter. They said they couldn't do that.

I took it, got it a set of shots, and turned it over to the shelter and explained what the women told me. I took it because they were going to push the puppy out and abandon it.

I just don't understand how people can threaten total strangers about the disposition of their dog. If you do not take my dog, I will take it to the shelter. And we are suckered into that.

It is manipulative, uncaring, and yes, the dog is better off without scumbag owners like that.

I wonder what they would say if we said, "Fine, I will save you the bother, I will drop the dog off at the shelter for you." If we call their bluff, are they going to turn the dog over to us?
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