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Default White pieces in stool -bone? worms?

I noticed last weekend that there there were several white pieces of something in Mikko's stool. When I went to pick it up with the bag, I pressed one of the pieces (with the bag of course) and could easily break it in half. It had the consistency of cartilage or similar. The pieces were about an inch long and about 1/4 inch wide. They were not moving. It didn't look like tapeworms and Mikko is on Iverheart Max which kills tapeworms, roundworms, etc. I figured he had eaten something and didn't think more of it until today when I saw the same pieces in his stool today.

He is on a raw diet, could this be pieces of bone or cartilage that are not digesting properly. They are uniform in size and shape, which seems weird to me. His stool is normal otherwise, no vomiting either.

Any ideas?
Thank you!
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