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Default Loosing her puppy coat?

Lola's coat has been changing so much over the past week! She's losing her fluffy puppy coat. How long does this stage last? Poor girl looks so awkward and like she needs brushed! I assure you she gets brushed often.

lola18w-014 by stmcfred1, on Flickr

She still has fuzzy hind legs and butt, but her back and sides are more wavy now.

lola18w-041 by stmcfred1, on Flickr

lola18w-080 by stmcfred1, on Flickr

lola18w-099 by stmcfred1, on Flickr

And one of my new favorite pictures. I know I'm biased, but I think she is such a beautiful puppy and I can't wait to see how gorgeous she'll be as an adult.

lola18w-101 by stmcfred1, on Flickr

*Losing* lol. I promise I can spell
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