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Default Terrified of children (moved to puppy behavior from gen inf)

Sonje is about 10 months old -we've had her since she was 10 weeks. She has a very sweet disposition but from day 1, she has been terrified of small children. At this point it comes across as aggression (barking only, no teeth baring or growling) when kids are in close proximity. Our friends with small children don't really want to come around so I don't know how to get her over this. It seems that putting a muzzle on her would give the parents (and us) peace of mind to allow her to acclimate to children without fear of being bitten. Any thoughts?

She is much better with adults after the initial introduction (it takes her a few minutes to warm up to someone new). Our kids are in their early 20's and Sonje is fine with them and all of their friends - she is great with other dogs too... she just wants to be friends and play. But the small children thing has us concerned and frustrated.
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