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I have a three year-old German shepherd that I rescued from private owner. He appeared not to be in any distress of any sort. He was very well mannered, friendly, and attentive. My wife and I strongly suspect that his owners girlfriend was not happy with this dog. We intended to train him as a service dog for my wife. However he took to me instantly. Where I went he went and we found him to be very intensive. He is always posted within 10' of me. I have had Aries for about a year and his intensity is just a phenomenal. It is too bad that he did not go into being a bomb, narcotics dog for the police.

Well it turns out that I am in the need of the service dog myself now. We are in the process of training and certifying him for stability and emotional support for myself. Once I get may knee repaired I would like to start working him into search and rescue also. My problem here is that here in Florida its a very closed society when it comes to dogs being involved in searches The lord high sheriffs do not like private people stepping in their turf, unlike in Tennessee were we were more than welcome to help participating searches.

Is there anyone that has any knowledge of any search groups in the Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota, Northport regions that I could see about joining and training this dog. I know he would love to participate and I, as a retired police officer is entering the winter of his life and would like to stay highly active to continue the winter of my life, would also like to join.
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