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If you have the time for are good. We have two, but from the same litter. They seem to get in trouble together more than when they are alone...:-)
But our dogs seem to do great as long as they are worked, trained and have their energy burned out!
I would not leave them alone together until you know how things will go when toys and other possessions are brought into the mix. Crate them so you know they both will be safe when you come home from work.
But for us it has worked fine....we walk them separately, play separately and train each alone so they were able to develop their individual personalities.
But they do great when we do take them out together and love playing and sleeping together. We do not leave them alone roaming when we leave, our female gets super rough and miles is not very forceful with her....he has been cut on the neck by her teeth...and that was just playtime. He did not need stitches...but if she got to rough while we were away she might actually hurt him.

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