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My experience: a Christmas surprise is never a good idea. I'd not really want two young dogs raised together again.
I hope the husband did some research and supported a good breeder, but not (m)any responsible breeders allow puppy's to be a surprise.
My husband surprised us 7 yrs ago with Onyx and had I had my way, we never would have gone with such a breeder as the one he bought her from. I was backed into a corner, because he worked so hard to surprise us and there was no way I could refuse the pup. It would have caused a whole lot of dissappointment.
I adopted a 21 month old rescue GSD when Onyx was 5 months(another mistake, but mine this time) and after Onyx was 6 months she became very reactive. Had I had only her to deal with and not the other dog or my senior Clover, I may have managed her issues better.
In hindsight, I don't regret anything, and learned so much from Onyx because of her temperament. But I'd never again have two young dogs, and especially not one from a breeder that went along with a Christmas surprise. Even though Onyx was a cute puppy and irresistable!
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