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Originally Posted by JakodaCD OA View Post
I just read your story about Dakota in the stories forum. My suggestion is to go back to your trainer/breeder and CONTINUE with training.

We are always continually training/proofing our dogs, she is young and more training / socialization/exposure to new things is still needed.

So again, my suggestion, continue with the trainer/breeder .

Oops, forgot to add, you mentioned maybe getting another puppy , I personally would not, until you have a good handle on the one you have. Puppies can pick up the bad behaviors as well as good behaviors from existing dogs.
Alright, I'll talk to my mom about it, haha. I do know about training now, as before I had no clue, but I'll talk to her about it. Like I said in the story, we are going to go back. I can talk to the breeder about it. thank you.
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