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Default Signs of weak nerves in a dog?

My German shepherd is from solid working lines.. I heard her grandpa or great grandpa was one of the worlds best police dogs, and had some pretty successful dogs in her pedigree. She is Czech/DDR/West german bloodlines.

Dakota is an awesome guard dog. When she sees a dog in our yard, or someone she doesn't recongize, or something that looks creepy she barks and snarls at the window. Hackles are spiked up down her back, tail up. She runs to the door and barks at it, until I hold her back and tell her its alright.

one thing. She gets terrified of blow up pool toys, and in our back yard, if she sees a dog she barks at it from a distance(on the other side of the fence). Her tail is up with other dogs, but if its a blow up toy, her tail is inbetween her legs and shes fear aggressive.

Is this a sign of weak nerves, or is it because she hasn't been exposed to blow up stuff when she was younger?

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