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I think, like with everything else, it is going through a phase. It used to be that law enforcement wanted dogs that German Shepherds fit their requirements very well. They liked the size and other characteristics that GSDs are better than mals or dutchies.

But then officers started working with these other breeds, and were probably laughed at at first. On the other hand, these dogs probably did spectacular on the proficiency testing, and other people jumped on the band wagon. I think it has changed what was expected of police dogs. Just like I don't think we need to have golden retrievers in GSD bodies, I don't think it is any more correct to have Malinois in GSD bodies.

If some of the police requirements favor the other breeds, fine. I think many of them have come back to GSDs, because the breed is excellent in many ways, and I also think that some of the lines are closer to the requirements they currently have than others.
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