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My wife (missus_e) and I are new members here. We've been on the market for a GSD for quite some time, but have been looking for something very specific and we have been diligent in searching for the rightfit for us. We are extremely excited to join you all as we enter into the final three days before we make the road trip to pick up our puppy!

We've been on the wait list and in contact with our breeder, Royalair, for awhile, and are extremely excited to bring her home. We've been really fortunate to find this forum as it has served as an excellent resource for us as we have researched and looked for testimonials regarding our prospective breeders. I'm sure it will remain a great resource now that we are entering into the first stages of puppy ownership.

We have a full schedule coming up for her, including a puppy socialization party through our training center on Monday nights, a puppy manners class on Wednesday nights starting in a three weeks, and puppy socialization walk on Saturdays!

With our Christmas festivities coming to a close...the last 72 hours are beginning to tick...wait it's only 64 now!
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