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socks and underwear are totally lame gifts. i'm sure your
dogs enjoyed their gifts more than socks and underwear. lol.

Originally Posted by Loneforce View Post
Does anyone Else's dogs get this excited? Jonas had me follow him to the closet where he knew his presents were. He let out an excited scream, and watched closely as I rounded up his and Penny's gifts.

>>>>> I got them some treat cookies and let them look at them. I guess that was like getting socks and underwear to them. <<<<<

LOL I let Penny open up her new squeaky toy, which she loved. Now Jonas I made him wait a minute or two, as for he was so excited he was screaming and shaking. I let him open up his new RC car and let him play with it. He was very happy. After I put his new car up, he ate a cookie treat, asked to go outside, did his business and now is laying here sleeping like a baby. All in all I would say; my two spoiled brats are satisfied.
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