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Default Burnsville, NC- Silver Belle, Female/Spayed, 2 year old

Hi guys. Just as I was getting ready to leave today for Christmas Eve family activities, we received into the shelter a beautiful PB female named Silver Belle. She was an owner relinquish. According to the owner she is a good girl whose only issue is that she like to chase and kill the owners chickens. Because of this the owner has kept her tied during the day and for some reason, 2 years later, has decided that it isn't the best situation for her girl and wants us to find her a good home. She has never lived inside so housebreaking is certainly an issue. She is UTD on all shots and already spayed. According to the owner she is gentle with humans, cats and other dogs. Apparently her only issue is the chickens. I assume this would also apply to any fowl. She was very scared and sad when her human left her and it absolutely broke my heart to leave her in that kennel when we closed the shelter. She is a large female. I didn't have time to get good pictures or measurements but she is very tall at the withers with long legs. I would guess at at least 80 pounds, possibly more. She is a black and tan saddle back with almost all tan face, head and chest. No eye mask, just black muzzle and eyebrows.

A friend of mine who is a GSD owner and trainer of sorts went and spent some time with her and says she is definitely a "people shepherd" and should have no problem getting adopted quickly due to her demeanor.

The shelter is closed tomorrow (Christmas Day) but will be open at 12:00 on Thursday. If anyone is interested, you can pm me or call the shelter on Thursday.

This is the best I could do today as far as a picture. She was looking out from the inside of the kennel and was afraid to come through to the outside. Must be scary for one who has always been outside

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