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Question Will supplements like Glandex or No Scoot help anal gland problems

Bella is on Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Sweet potato & venison. She had to go on an unknown protein. I give her FortiFlora everyday plus Tylan powder and BeneBac when required ( traveling, stress, diarrhea ( which she has not had in the last year or more). Its her anal glands that need to be expressed by the Vet every month. Her stools are not terribly firm, but my Vet says sometimes its just an anatomical problem and not that unusual. I read about these additives like naturvet No Scoot and Glandex etc. Basically adding fiber. But fiber can work both ways. Even in humans. Firm up stools or make them softer. Has anyone used these products? I am not changing her food, we went through three different types after she was six months old and had awful yellow smelly stools. The unknown protein and limited ingredients she tolerates well. Advice appreciated. She is a little over three and outside of the finicky pure bred GI issues and the anal glands she is in excellent health. She does NOT like having the glands expressed, obviously, and knows the Vet is where they do that. Not a happy camper!
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