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Default "Attack Dog" after coming back inside

Smokey is doing much better if you have been following all my help posts!! We are using the "woobie" for when people walk in the door and it works amazing! He just passed puppy obedience class and we use the commands for everything, which he resends to extremely well! The counter surfing we still haven't been able to completely fix, however he now knows the command "off" and listens to it when he jumps up. We are just having one more issue... He has the electric collar on for the outside (also do very well with training in tis area), but whenever we let him in, he goes absolutely crazy!!!! Biting, jumping, growling, etc. So, we just put hi,m in his crate for a few minutes so he calm down. We are not sure why this is happening or how to fix it, so any input would be very much appreciated.
Thanks! Happy Holidays!
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