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Default My barking dog

I have a rescue/adoptee named Cable. He's a great dog, compact and heavily muscled fellow. Smart and attentive too, learns fast. He has an issue tho.

He barks.
He barks at anything that might even think of coming near my property.
He barks with extreme gusto.

So I am teaching him to control that. Cars are his cross to bear. He hates cars as far as I can tell. Demonic metal shelled noise makers require hackles and thunderous barking. I have put that particular fixer-upper on the back-burner for now. I'm working on people. People walking down my private road actually. He barks, but not the "oh god it's a car, MUST YELL AT IT!" sort of freak he has with cars. I have successfully drilled into his brain that people can walk down the road without a doggie serenade. He now barks once or twice, comes to me, whines a bit and then runs back outside. I give him a command of sorts which is "hush it". He watches with baited breath, tail up and primed for a blast of barking if the person is silly enough to breach the perimeter.

I'm pleased with his progress. He's probably 90% on the "hush it" command now. A quick peck on the window to let him know that I hear him and the barking can cease. If the barking continues, I'll poke my head out and give the hush command. Deep praise when he comes to me quietly. Now I have to apply this to cars, which I dread. He gets extremely amped up and he is waaaaay faster than I am. His recall goes out the door and his focus is 100% on the demonic metal shelled thing. I have a feeling it's going to end up with a lead, some high-value treats and me sitting on my patio waiting for the 2-3 cars that pass during the whole day. I can time the mail truck pretty well, so that won't be too bad. The things we do to help our dogs out eh?
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