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Angry Constant itching and hotspots

i need some suggestions. my dog is 1 1/2 now and has all ways been itching him self pretty much his whole life but now its become a constant problem with hot spots and just chewing himself when ever he can. ive been doing alot of reserching on this fourm and ive have learned alot! so im thinking it is caused by an allergy. i took him to the vet for his hot spots witch was probalby when he was 7 months old and he gave me Neo-Predef (white powder stuff) to put on the wounds, so ive been using that when he had developed more hot spots.

so i was feeding him royal canine early in his life till about 13 months. then switched to Fromms gold in the blue bag for about 3 months and still no change of how he was itching. then im currently no on Zignature trout and samon grain free and still no change for itching and bitting himself. mostly at his behind/rear thigh area, rear ankles, ears, and licking his front paws from time to time.

so im kinda at a my next step raw food?

and the current meds he is on is the heartgaurd and front line topical. i was reading about this Comfortis flea med in a pill form, im not sure if i should give that a shot or not.

im open to all suggestions and i will answer all questions to the best of my knowledge. thanks

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