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Default Maya & Dexter

This is Maya, my heart and soul - she's my absolute world. The very definition of an amazing, beyond wonderful, incredible, and overall perfectly balanced dog. I could not be luckier to have her in my life. She is 3 years, 9 months old. Every bit of wit, charm, intelligence, and so many more words that may sound beyond describing a dog.

Maya & Dexter-imageuploadedbypg-free1387865380.419194.jpg
Maya & Dexter-imageuploadedbypg-free1387865408.174969.jpgMaya & Dexter-imageuploadedbypg-free1387865427.436162.jpgMaya & Dexter-imageuploadedbypg-free1387865457.898916.jpgMaya & Dexter-imageuploadedbypg-free1387865473.369634.jpgMaya & Dexter-imageuploadedbypg-free1387865483.635106.jpgMaya & Dexter-imageuploadedbypg-free1387865551.053517.jpgMaya & Dexter-imageuploadedbypg-free1387865604.068745.jpgMaya & Dexter-imageuploadedbypg-free1387865613.162415.jpgMaya & Dexter-imageuploadedbypg-free1387865695.336524.jpg

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