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Thats crap if you feed dry food your then leaving g it to expand in the stomach it's not advisable to feed any gsd completely dry food I always semi soak so it is partially swelled that way they don't get into trouble and end up with torsion and always make sure there's a plenty of water if not allowed water for an hour then what happens is dry food swells in stomach from whatever fluid ,so in there then it impacts to a solid lump then when you finally give water it expand more then produces gas build up then get torsion always partially soak food then when ready to feed add little bit more water but warm or cold don't matter so they have like a gravy mixture and an instant supply water as well if fed partially soaked then when they drink water the food won't expand much more and less chance torsion but personally I went over to raw feeding the you don't get that issue at all

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