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Originally Posted by gsdemack View Post
What kind of trouble does he know he'll get into and how can you make yourself more interesting than those things? Mine has a high prey drive.
I was kidding on the trouble part. He comes because he gets good things when he does. I will never scold him when he comes back to me (if it takes him a while). If I call him in my "you had better listen to me RIGHT NOW voice" it's enough to cut through the prey-drive frenzy. He has a very high prey drive as well, so our obedience work regularly includes impulse control exercises and focus exercises.

I pretty much throw a party when he comes to me, if it's a stressful situation like that- lots of jumping around and "GOOD BOY GOOD BOY GOOD BOY!!!" and since I usually have a ball in my coat pocket, squeaking and playtime. He doesn't always get that, EVERY time he comes back (when he gets let outside and stuff), but it's like a jackpot reward system.
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