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Default Err just read please help

Ok so I posted this in the health section but I feel like it is appropriate here as well because it might be an eating issue.

My pup is only 13 weeks old and she only weighs 8 pounds. Her belly is big but her ribs and spine are easily felt with a slight graze.

I don't know what to do here guys please help.

Just is extremely short and small the GSDs I look at that are 12 weeks old are tremendously larger than her, she's at least a 1//3 maybe even a 1/4 size of the pictures I've seen.

She is the runt of the litter but can a runt really be that small? I've taken her to the vet and talke to the breeder but after reading threads from here this site is much more helpful.

So the question is: is my puppy ok and how much do you feed a 13 week old, extremely small, underweight GSD?

Google doesn't have the answer please help.
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