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I apologize for yet another thread. Onyx is now eight months old. Recently, I took him to a trainer at TOPS who also breeds German Shepherd Dog's. According to her(very experienced, for she breeds GSD's and TOPS trains the police GSD's on daily basis), Well.. Let me just quote what she said. "I do think he is purebred German Shepherd Dog. It is slimly possible that he is 3/4 German shepherd at the least, if he isn't purebred. His gait is very German shepherd, his legs and knees are very German shepherd, his head is extremely German shepherd, and everything else is very German shepherd. As I said, I am almost positive he is purebred, except that his back has a slight dip, and his chest is a little flat, but that is possible in German Shepherds, but he's overweight, which could be the reason. Also, his tail is a little short by about two vertebrae, except that, too, is possible in German Shepherds. Your vet is wrong.(The vet said he's mix because he's black...And because of so, his ears won't stand). There is a fair chance for his ears to go up, with help." The vet taped his ears before we saw the breeder. They were taped for two weeks, and once they were untaped, they flopped still. Now, his ears were taped by the vet again and it's been a week. How long should they stay taped? What is your opinion about Onyx's ears... Rate 1-10? 1-No chance of the ears standing, 10-certain they'll stand.... Thanks!
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