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Default I want to compete- but in what??? Help!

I've been working short tracks with Anna now for over a month, she is 16 weeks old and she picked up up quickly, we originally went to a police k9 trainer to learn how to track and I know they are a little different then SCH, I have been hiding things from her every day, scenting them by holding the items for several minutes then hiding them and telling anna to find it- she never disappoints, always brings back the item with the freshest human scent and I'm telling you- she will bring back any thing!! Toys, silver wear, car keys, single keys, quarters, copper pipe, DVDs lol she seems unstoppable!! I want to compete in tracking or detection some how but I'm my really sure how to get in to that, I know there is AKC tracking and there is tracking in SCH and also nose work, are those my only choices? Does any one have advice or more info on them? Or is any one from the MD area?? thank you guys!

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