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Question Dog park Etiquette for humans

I frequent a dog park about once a week with my boy. At this park the rules are made visible that if your dog shows any signs of aggression that you need to remove him from the play area.

My dog is not aggressive and loves to wrestle like most dogs. Well yesterday I encountered a woman with her large greyhound. My dog wanted to play with the other dog and was doing all the cute stances, jumping around etc. Out of no where this woman shoves my dog and says to him (yes, to my dog ) "Stop that, he doesn't like it! GO AWAY!" and continuously keeps shoving my dog away. Neither of the dogs looked distressed, growled, or whined at any point. In fact I saw both dogs playing tag at one point..yet the woman accused my dog of being a bully, when all I was witnessing was typical puppy play that normally goes on in the park.

My question is, at this point would the right thing to have done would be "tell my dog" to stop playing with the greyhound? I say this so loosely because this is a dog park where there was about 10 other dogs running around, It seems unreasonable for me to stalk my boy the entire duration to make sure he does not 'bother' the other pup.

I want to make park visits enjoyable for all dogs and owners and I will gladly break up a dog fight if one ever started, but this is just an odd request..
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